The Colour Out of Space

| 23 March 2021, 1:09 - 2021 | 944

Das rote Kunst Label 06RZ

mit einem blauen Daumen unterstützen

"The Colour Out of Space"

I compose music and create beats, soundlogos, and other instrumentals, visit my socialmedia and homepage for more information. If you like my work your welcome to subscribe my channel.

"The Colour Out of Space" is a tribute to Lovecrafts same titled shortstory, also it's another piece of my MEDIA ABUSE EP, which is full of heart work ;). The instrumental represents my dark ambient skills. I'm glad if you enjoyed it.

As said, I compose instrumentals beats and more, I publish some of my private projects with visuals to entertain you. At the same time I try to promote myself as a composer with it. If you enjoy my stuff, or you are in need of beats instrumentals or what ever, let me know it in the comments below. Don't forget to like, subscribe and follow me on social medias.

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